Joyce E Benson
pastel artist

Joyce E Benson


Joyce E. Benson

Artist's Statement



Painting and drawing are my way of communicating the wonder and fascination that I sense in the created, living world. Through this quiet journey of questioning and exploring, I enjoy the process of discovery. Understanding the life moments around me, those elusive qualities of moods, emotions and feelings, and then responding to them in a visual manner, is a labour of love.


I work predominantly in soft pastel because of the medium's spontaneity, its vivid colours, and its versatility in allowing personalized expressions of blended, layered, and stroked colour. I love the range of qualities that pastel can handle, from subtle expressions to bold and powerful values, and because of the luminosity of the pure pigment, it is particularly suited to capturing qualities of light.


The north country, where I have lived now for over 20 years, is full of limitless beauty and inspiration. Our interaction with this vast land and the dynamics of life here are real and rugged and an experience that is being lost among the virtual living of so much of the world. To hold these moments on paper and reveal that transient spark, is what excites me and draws me to paint.